Who's Johnny Wu (Wu-Man)?

Can't complain for what I got,
just need the heart to be fullfilled.

I'm eager to see what's come forth for me,
and looking forward to build a family together.

- Johnny Wu

Johnny Wu (the Wushuboy, Dr. Wu, or Wu-Man as many calls him) is 36 y.o. (June 8, 1967 - a sheep/goat in Chinese Horoscope, a Gemini in Western Horoscope), 5'7", 120#, Chinese/Hispanic and currently residing in Cleveland. He's one of the top ranked Kung-Fuist (martial arts) in the world practicing a closed family Kung Fu/Wushu system called Wu Jia Quan Shu (The Art of Wu Family Fist). In, 1998, He and his now ex-partner Greg Petusky founded Media Design Imaging, a business of Photography, Multimedia, Videography and Filmmaking, a part-time small business that has gathered news attention since opening... He's currently seeing someone special... The type of person he would like to meet is someone that can....

I came out to my parents around April 17th, 1997, they didn't take it well at first (plotted a nice drama, after they have denied me, rejected me, discarded me, etc). After my dad passed away, and a long learning curve, now my family are more united than ever.

Mom visited me for 2.5 weeks in October, 2001, she had the opportunity to meet my friend and partner Ray, she likes him, and they've talked a lot, mom even wrote to my sister telling her that Ray is cute and sweet and even cooks well! :) I think Ray's getting some good production points hehe.

I've been practicing Chinese kungfu (wushu) for over 30 years now (started when I was still a baby) and has been promoting kungfu around the US and Canada, traveling from city to city participating at national and internatinal tournaments, helping out as judge or referee, on November 1997, I got accepted into the International Karate & Kickboxing Hall of Fame, the official induction will be presented to me at my 1998 Han Wei National Martial Arts Championship held at Cleveland State University's Woodling Gym! Am also a member of the Worldblackbelt.com and was invited to join the World Head of Family Sokeship Council and receiving the Silver Life Achievement Award, the youngest member of this grandmaster organization whom receiving an award as the keeper of my family art.

My hobbies include table pool (I used to play a lot at The Grid, love dance/pop, techno/trance, 80s or music with strong beats... (got a big collection and I've DJed in the past. Some of my favorites include: Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Erasure, etc), watching/renting/buying movies (from action to drama to Asian flicks), enjoy outdoor sports like camping (finally did it in summer 98), skiing (gotta learn that), hiking, horse riding, travel with friends, outdoor martial art training, etc. Not to mention I enjoy talking/chatting with people, So, feel free to chat with me or simply drop me an email!

Pictures taken during the Arnold Classic in March 1999 in Columbus, Ohio (photographed by Greg Petusky)
I was at the backstage and Arnold came in to greet people, somehow since I was standing in front of him, we chatted a bit. :)
Cynthia Rothrock, a martial artist/movie actresses. She was fun to talk to and with great personality.
Eric Lee, in many movies including Big Trouble in Little China, and a few others. He and I met long time ago and always were associated in Hall of Fame events. It's nice to catch up with old friends. A great martial artist as well! In many martial arts magazines, you will see his videos available to public.

What's this with COASTWAY?

Ain't this an original nickname? I started using this nick since 1987, WOW :) before this, my online nick was Dragon or Black Ninja, I dropped Black Ninja because it sounded too weird and I didn't like Dragon because everytime I join a channel I would be reading "Hey Drag" and NO WAY! CoastWay was meant to pay tribute to a nice place in Panama City, Panama that many of us hanged out while enjoying the sun and people. It was composed of 4 islands linked together and many of us would go there after class to get drunk and flirt... CauseWay was the name, but as me being my usual self, I thought it was CoastWay and so, this became the nick I am being represented. :)


I try to live my life as Christ-like as possible, even though I also blend in some of our family tradition and abide to the rules set forth to me from my family. It is hard to see my family tremble down to nothing because of me not being able to be whom they hope I would be: a married man with many children. The Wu Family of the Wu Ji-Zhe Clan will die under my feet (3000 years of history will be changed)... In the past, I have to battle the war between accepting myself and being accepted. Living a life of lies was not something I wanted to do. During my 21st birthday, I had a vision that changed my outlook. In it, I was told that there are many good quality of myself that I should not be ashame of, and that being honest and truthful to oneself is the first step to learn how to love and be honest to the world... 9 years later, I came out... With the creation of this website, I knew that anyone on the Net can just simply type "Johnny Wu" on the Address Line (or on Search Engines) and they can easily find out everything about me, so who cares? Not I, I think being oneself is more of an evidence now that I truly treasure myself and respect myself more than anything else.

In the past, I pray, I meditate, I read and I keep myself busy to forget the 'baggages' over my shoulder but it didn't go away, it made me unhappy at many of my relationships, at times I will be very moody, other times, I will be very quiet. Although trying to share my life with my partner then, I couldn't bare to let them help me carry this 'baggages' of mine. It was very hard for them to understand and be there for me when I don't speak out (even though inside me I die to need someone to be there)... You can see that I like to keep things inside and again, it will be you who has to 'nag' me to get it out. :)

I cope it most of the time by sitting alone at home, typing as I am doing now and listening to music... Pet Shop Boys is one of my favorite group, I got their videos, all their CDs and listen to their words carefully. They strike me deep inside... Like the song Se a vida e : "Why do you want to sit alone in gothic gloom surrounded by the ghosts of love that haunt your room? Somewhere there's a different door to open wide. You gotta throw those skeletons out of your closet and come outside. So you will see a brand new day". Or the song A red letter day : "Go to work and take your calls. Hang the fruits of your labour on the walls. Such precision and care... What does it matter if there's no one here to share the flowers in the garden the wine, the Waiting for Godot and so much modern time?.... You can sneer or disappear behind a veneer of self-control. But for all of those who don't fit in who follow their instincts and are told they sin, this is a prayer for a different way..." Another song from their Bilingual album, Before, and To step aside...

These songs gave me a chance to listen to myself and learn from it.. Other music like Enigma (their latest has become my comfort), Enya, and a few other helped me meditate (Madonna's album, Ray of Light has taught me something new, many times, I get inspired by it's wording). That is how I past through my daily chores and continue my life from one day to another...

In August 1997, the 'baggage' of my life came forward and appeared in front of me, haunting me from the past, it had grown stronger throughout the years and it's winning slowly the battle against my optimistic spirit... Many times, I almost failed, and it would've been over with, then I decided to take a few step to alter this course... At The End, it was one of the happiest thing I have ever done in my life...

I can't say more other than I have no regrets to the things I've done, and am very happy and fortunate for the things I have within my reach and hopefully, a person to share my life with. I thank all these to God. Many of you might think this might sound weird, but God has been there for me through my good and bad time, my God whom I'm speaking to is the father of Christ.

Throughout my life, I've witnessed miracles that would never happen to others but it did on me... Those who had associated with me also experiences the miracles... Perhaps they, someday, will talk about it as well.

I'm very content and happy and being able to do more, I'm moving toward a new goal and future. All my wishes have come true through hardwork, endurance, determination, common sense, willing to take risk and prayers. I'm forever thank God for his teaching and slowly opening the path for me.

One thing I've learned in my last relationships is other than respect, compromise, understand each other, you have to make the other laugh. Laughter is the healing of all (as many said). And with laugher, your life together wouldn't seem boring.

It's funny how many people I've known through association, I keep hearing from many saying "Gosh, you know everyone"... Well, it's probably because of my sincerity of being a friend :). Many of them can be considered good/close friends (and this has nothing to do with tricks or treats), I know they care a lot for me, and even when I was hybernating for a bit, they still call and ask of my well being... Thanks! These friends know that I will always be there for them. I do not expect anything in return, and perhaps it made them feel safe to be around me... BTW: The picture on the top right, from left to right, it's me (the wu-man), David (my ex-roommate and friend), Eddie (my closest friend and one of the 2 persons I would care a lot for - except that he doesn't want to be my best man when I get married... :P ), and my cute baby dog Cosmo (who'd dissappeared one day)

One of the thing I HATE about friends is when they do not respect one another or take people for granted or rather 'assuming' what they think or feel... I guessed since I was raised in a community of trust and loyalty, I, at times, have problem with the issue of people 'ditching' others or 'forget' to call or email (simply cause they don't feel like doing so or think that they are TOO BUSY to even drop a short note) to respond. Simply put, they don't understand what COURTESY mean. This type of attitude is very child-like and if I have been treated as such, don't expect me to be your friend nor to acknowledge your existence (which I've done so many times, so if you've been ignored, it's most likely cause you have had given me an attitude once).

I guessed many of us just simply wanna be 'mean' and do the 'forgetful' thing. Friendship is important but it has to be treated with respect! (and, respect means be honest, be kind, be loyal, be courterous, be understanding, be prompt)

The other thing I HATE about people is how they like to play games (like dating different people at same time, or intentionally using a person's emotional feeling for it's own advantages, and being irresponsible, etc). It is something that I look down on them for being such a brain 'screwer' and that is basically telling me to avoid them as far as possible. I've been screwed (emotionally) many times and I am sure I've done the same to others, but if I do, I will do my best to apologize or to make it back to the person... One word again, RESPECT.


Many things.... In addition of traveling to different national and international tournaments to help judge and traveling to different places. I planned to accomplish a few goals. But mostly will concentrate on the success of getting my creativity flow. Doing a lot of different filmmaking is something I enjoy. After all, I want to be a good filmmaker!

Now I am the President of Cleveland Chapter of Orgnaization of Chinese Americans of Greater Cleveland, which made into a huge responsibility to bring a better Asian community. One goal is to outreach and let many know of our org. and thanks to the supporters, I am sure this is accomplishable.

Life is an adventure if you make it so...


Johnny Wu


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