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Before I tell the story, I must say that I've met many people from IRC, they have either shaped my life and helped me through troubles, yes, you can't take IRC or AOL seriously but 1 out of the 10 people you chatted with there is a person that will make your time worthwhile spent. I've known (not met in person yet) many people and many nice people came across during the chatting process... One of them is Chris... Recently, I've chatted with a few great guys, like Mike of Cleveland (wise and good pool player, taught me a lot in how to play well on regulation tables and now I got my own cue stick to play him!), Michael B. of DC (a dear friend whom I'm extremely comfortable to talk to not to mention, he is very cute), Jon of Columbus (someone I always talked in Spanish with and his birthday is like a day before mine) :), David and Brian of Cleveland (a wonderful, cute and hot couples that I've died to meet long time ago and finally came through, David cooks wonderful meal!), Mike of Malaysia (cute and great personality, he cares a lot for me and currently dating a cool guy), and many others, so don't get jealous if you are not dedicated, it will eventually. :) hehe

It's time to meet, it's time to enjoy, after many years of unsuccessful meeting, I finally get to see you. Hoping that you will enjoy your stay in this city, for I will do my best to care and protect you,
because this IS a dream that finally came in reality!

How come he is linked?

An interesting story unfold here.. During the winter of 1995 (December of 95 I think), after my break up with Eduardo, I was very depressed and down, within a few months, I spent almost 3K in food and travel, one of the trip I did was to visit Chris from NJ (Piper on IRC, a good friend of mine and at the same time, went to the club called Tunnel to dance)

At this wonderful club that is divided into three sections, I met a bunch of people from the #gayNYC channel on IRC, including bardoo the Diva gurl, enyc (my good friend Eduardo, a Chinese/Hispanic from Peru, cool and warm friend), Capt. Max, David (soemone from Boston), and a few others. Bardooie introduced me to several people while getting in, the ONLY person's face I will never forget is Chris...

He was about 5'6", 130#, a tight black shirt and and club black pants on... He seemed shy and had that puppy eyed look in his face all the time.. He didn't know that I was following him most of the time at the club.. At that time, Chris thought I was a bit unfriendly and didn't care less where I was... Of his surprise, I was mostly around him...

I came back to Cleveland thinking of him a lot and hoping that in the future I would bump into him, no luck. I visited NYC many times and went to Roxy and Tunnel as much as I can manage within my schedule, but I couldn't find him.

One day at #gaynyc, I ended up chatting with this person nick Onk (now is Bambi-), we talked and then he told me he was at the club during the time I visited, I was surprised, because I didn't know Chris was online as well. He then sent me a picture of his.. What I can say is WOW, it's HIM! I then proceeded telling him how much I wanted to meet him and never had a chance.. etc. We agreed to meet next time when I'm in town.

I went to NYC again, this time with Eddie (my best friend and the only family in Cleveland and his moving to Orlando at the end of March) and Jason (Avatar21 on IRC), at Tunnel, I met Chris, but we didn't talk much, probably because we were meeting many other #gayNYC people and I was trying my best to entertain my friends as well. Chris seemed shy again, and after a few hi and smiling, we parted our way, it was NOT a very good meeting time.

Couple of days later, we chatted on IRC, I've expressed my crush to him and he responded as well, after a few flirting and jokes, we agreed to be the IRC boyfriends (just for fun), where we will date and stuff and when we meet, we will take times for each other... I've kept my communication open with him for the past years and we've seen each other having boyfriends and going through breakups.

At many occasion, I wanted to visit NYC again, but my work load prevented me to make the trip, now, the table has changed, he most likely will be visiting me in March 1998 and we can catch up with all the times we missed each other.

2 years of knowing him and now, fate has brought us closer and the more I get to know him, the more I enjoyed being around him. For these past several months, he has brighten my life and taught me a few things. And for his time being, I would want him to have a time he won't forget! Chris, looking forward in meeting you again and spend some good quality time with you!

Update: Of the 5 days he was here, I had a wonderful time, got a chance to make a dream come true and I'm very content of the result, I've miss him already for not being around but I know our path will cross again soon in the near future. ;) Since I am going to visit him in May, we will hang out in Orlando in June and July he visiting again. :)

He came and visit, briging him a wish that came true,
his stay was spent, in relaxing and touring fashion,
I enjoyed having him around and know that he had too a great time,
I did my best to care and protect, and know that I will see him again
in a very near future for it's has build the foundation of a closer friendship.

Bambi and friends at the OCAGC New Year Celebration and New Board Installation Dinner before Grid! (March 21, 1998)
Bambi was spoted with Eddie H. Frye at the Grid on March 21. Some Paparrazi took a picture of both, you can see it at the Expose! Magazine (March 27th issue)

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