Eddie H. Frye

The boy of today and tomorrow!

You will see a lot about Eddie from this page, he is one of the person I have talked and cared for with my life, and he has been there to listen to me. Now, I want to share with you all my friendship with him, and hope that things do work out for him in Florida with Mike, his long time boyfriend. (Mike is a cutie too!) hehe

For a long time, I had you around, we ventured to many places seeking fun and trill.
At one point, I've cried on your shoulder, as you have on mine.
At one time, we did craziest things and laughed about it afterward.
At one instant, we expressed strongly on our opinions but we embraced again.
At one moment, we sang and danced, getting drunk and happy.
We were there for each other through sorrow and happiness,
how can I describe my friendship with you? I can't
for it is a deep respect we have for each other, that makes us tied together.
Even if we are not in the same place, our heart will bond strongly,
as I will miss this nice close friend I have but knowing that he'll be fine will make me joy.
With all my wishes, Eddie H. Frye, enjoy Florida to your fullest, as you have said
once: You got only one chance in life!

How did I meet Eddie?

It was a Saturday night of Spring/Summer of 1992. Me and my boyfriend then Eduardo, we picked up a friend of ours, Erik, to go to U4ia, used to be a popular club to dance and enjoy (now it's more a mix to younger crowd). Eduardo and I was dancing on the first dance floor and when I looked up, I saw this nelly, slim, golden shiny hair boy dancing with a lady (that time, the first impression I had was that he is different and that I felt like I known him for ages), and so I kept staring at him at times, of course, he stared back too, and probably wondering what the heck was I looking at him for...

4 or 5 years ago in Columbus, OhioWe continued somehow bumping into each other or closer to each other at the club, I didn't say a thing to him nor he did to me, and the night went on.

Leaving U4ia at 4am in the morning, Erik spotted Eddie walking out as well, while we were on the shuttle bus to our car parked down the street at U4ia's 2nd parking lot, Erik made a few noises to drive Eddie's attention, then at the parking lot, we drove by Eddie and his friend. Erik wanted to meet him and we decided to turn around and Erik invited him for breakfast, his friend was a bit skeptical but they agreed at last, we went to eat at My Friends. Erik talked and tried to bring up a conversation with Eddie, while me and Eduardo sitting there quietly watching the whole scene.

At the end of our meal, Erik tried a few times to get Eddie's phone number, but we can tell that Eddie was hesitant to give out, yet, he finally did. Erik was so happy about it. The following weekend, Erik called and said that Eddie wanted our number, we wondered why but we told Erik that he can give it to him.Eddie flaming out! (about 1994-1995)

On one Friday evening, we picked up Erik and went clubbing that night at Smart Bar, Erik met Mike (Eddie's now boyfriend) and we hang out, had a blast. I remembered a day we all drive the same car to pick up Eduardo from his work and the car broke down on the highway. We were with Mike, Erik, Dusan (a mutual straight friend), Eduardo and myself. Eduardo thought the car needed oil and poured a lot into it, and realized he over did it so he went under the car and tried to open the gauge to let the oil out... While trying his best, making a lots of heavy breathing and his consistency, Mike made a comment "So, is he as good as he is with the cars?" We all went into comma for a bit and hoping the Dusan didn't hear that...

Eddie at that time was dating David Gonzalez (whom passed away a few years ago), while Erik dating Mike. Eddie would hang out with me more often and talk to me all the time, as well as Mike would. I became an ear to both parties. Both relationships broke up and by faith, Mike and Eddie started seeing each other.

Mike, Eddie, Eduardo and I did a lot of things, we hang out, go clubbing, do dinner (Mike most of the time was busy with work so he couldn't join us, since he is a workaholic). Mike is a very successful person, he has accomplish a lot...

97 OCAGC Moon Festival (Mike and Eddie on the rightside, a cute couple now) :)One time, our trip to NYC, the 4 of us drove there, and had a blast, we met a few of my friends and hang out with everyone, that night, we actually bar hopping to about 5 bars a night. Eddie and Mike were kissing heavily on their bed while making all the wooshie noises, prevented me and Eduardo to sleep. :P

During the NYC trips, Eddie and Mike did something bad to us... They pretended that they were attacked by robbers and running back to the hotel all breathless and crying.. I thought it was real and tried to comfort them, and actually, they had their faces in the bed covered and laughing madly...

And that was 3 years ago (1995) when Eddie and Mike started dating...

Things me and Eddie had done....

Eddie and I did a lot of things with others and together, but there are a few things we did that I will never forget... And here's a few of them as I can remember... (this is not on any order what-so-ever, and it will be updated again).

1. The $99 ROCK... Eduardo asked me one day to get a vacuum for him, cause he got the flowbee haircut thing and apparently our vacuum cleaner is not strong enough, so we went to W. 65th's K-Mart. After getting the vacuum, a black guy approached us at the parking lot, he said he has a camcorder and a tv/vcr combo for sale, and me and Eddie got very hype about it and wanted it, so we asked him to meet us at a place and we rushed to the laundromat where I used to work and my home to get $, we scattered as much changes as possible, roll of quarters, roll of pennies, etc. We paid him $99 (a few in pennies) and then without thinking, we put the box (unopened) into Eddie's car and drove home, on the way, I said to him.. "Watch, it's going to be a big rock..." Sure enough, once we opened the box, it's just a BIG ROCK. I laughed, Eddie pissed.. But it was a good experience...

2. The OLD LADY... Over at West 117th, we just got out of Revco and was heading to my house. We were waiting for the light to change and then we realized, Eddie drove the car over the line and was blocking the walkway... An old lady with her cane, tried to walk through, she was walking a bit handicapped and was cursing Eddie while going AROUND his car from the back. Eddie didn't want to look, he just cover his head with a napkin and laughed...

3. Mike's DRUNK party... At Mike's go-away party, we all got sooo drunk that we started doing stupid things... One thing we did is with the music playing in the background, Eddie sat on my lap and while Dave Bohm has Jae on his. And with the song of the music, Eddie and Jae pretended to be having sex with me and Dave... It was crazy like a stage act... (Eddie puked many times that night)1997, Nelly boy in San Francisco

4. The OUTLET STORE... Eddie wanted to get a few cheap shirts from a Outlet Store, he thought it's like on I-71, begged me to go with him after work (I work at Strongsville) and we drove his car all the way on I-71 South. Driving, driving, and driving until we hit Columbus, Ohio! And finally we saw the Outlet Store just South of Columbus' Downtown... Guess what we got? Eddie got a shirt which he never worn it, and I got 2 shirts, we only spent $10 in all...

5. JENNY HWANG'S HOUSE... Eddie went with me to a Organization of Chinese American of Greater Cleveland's Pot-luck dinner and we arrived at Dr. Hwang's house, gosh, that house is beautiful, inside and out... Eddie and I talked about moving into some house like this and that we will have a very funky design. :) It was just a dream.. So, he insisted a photo being taken this way he can remember it. That night we head for Columbus, Ohio and partied all night!

6. OUR TRIPS... Our trips to out-of-state places were fun, Eddie and I were all had a blast wherever we go, we also have companies of other friends along our trips... Jason with us to NYC, Mark with us to San Francisco, Eric to Toledo and Columbus, Dave & Jae to Pittsburgh and Columbus.

1997 OCAGC Holiday Inn Christmas Gala (Left to Right: Eric, Shan, Eddie, Eric)7. The MS. EDDIE... During one of the Halloween in Cleveland, Eddie went out in drag and boy, I was sooo shocked He looked so different and it's like every time he approaches me, I have to get away... Till this day, I still can't imagine him in drag...

8. The PICKUP TRUCK Tailgating... During a Saturday evening, Eddie and I decided to go shopping at South Park Mall (at Strongsville, Ohio), Eddie was driving about 65mph and we were on the left lane of South bound. There were a pickup truck behind us very close to us. Eddie started to speed up and tried to move to the right lane, but there were many cars, so we stayed on the left till the Rt 82 Exit. We almost missed the Exit and we turned right inmediately and proceeded toward the mall. Before turning left into the Mall, we noticed that the pickup truck was still behind us. I told Eddie to keep driving around the Mall in circle and let see how far the pickup will follow. At a Stop Sign, one red color pickup parked next to us while another one behind us. So, the one next to us sped up in front and started slowing down, while the one in the back tailgated us closer. I told Eddie to turn left inmediately to see if they are following, they did. So I told Eddie to drive to the Police Station that is about a block away from the Mall while I used the cellular phone to call 911. They followed, but they stopped at TGI Fridays that is a building before the Police station. We reported them in and many cops drove around looking for them. It was an experience... :)

9. The EDGEWATER CRUISING... This happened before Eddie and Mike were dating.. It was so funny, I still remembered it all. :) That afternoon, Eddie was so horny and he wanted to try being cruised at Edgewater Park (a known gay crusing section). So, we drove around and looking for the right candidate to park his car next to... We saw a guy on a nice pickup truck and we parked Eddie's car next to him a bit then we moved away hoping he would follow. He did. The guy then pulled next to my side of the car instead of Eddie's. Eddie asked me to roll down the window and they talked through me... I was very nervious cause I was dating Eduardo that time... Eddie asked him how come he didn't park to his side, and the guy said cause he doesn't know if Eddie wanted but he liked me... After a few talks, we left, Eddie was pissed... hehe

10. XY Magazine... About February of 1998, I received a letter from XY Magazine that they sent to everyone, solicitating anyone that has came out last year (1997) who would be interested to have their pictures in XY. After a week, I decided to send in a picture of me and Eddie taken at a Chinese Christmas Gala that I organized. Without being even cared if I would get in, on April 1998, we found out we were in the magazine, so we had our 15 minutes of fame. ;) Unfortunately, they only put my name on the picture not his.. He was like "Call them up and reprint the picture with my name in it!" SNAP hehe.. ain't he cute? :)

11. The BEER CAN... (Okay, you can't know this one.. hehe, Eddie loves to make fun of it...)

12. OVER TANNED Goldenboy... Eddie enjoys going tanning so one day he came and his face and neck is all reddish like a roasted lobster. My mom noticed that his hair was also goldenly shiny so we called him the Goldenboy. ;) If you see him around, just call "Hey you nelly goldenboy!" :) He will turn around and smile. ;)

13. GIRLY EDDIE IN SAN FRANCISCO... I have never been so embarrased then.. hehe.. he walked down the street wiggling his butt and having a small flower on his right ear... acting all gay and happy. ;) Even did this infront of a martial artist that knows me!

14. LIPS TEASING... Eddie and I love to teash each other, licking our lips like we are sluting over each other, but deep inside we both know that we can't even bare the idea of seeing each other with no clothes on.. It's like looking at a brother naked.. ewww. ;) I still love you Eddie. :)

During Superbowl... (Left to Right: Aaron, Eddie, Johnny, Jeff, Eric)So... I've known Eddie for about 5 years now (since he was 19y.o.) and I've shared a lot of my life with him, as some people called us (me, Edaurdo and Eddie) the Three Musketeers... Eddie knows me well and know all the in and out of Johnny Wu, I felt like a brother just left me... No, we never dated nor we have though of each other sexually, it's more a brotherly love we have for each other. I am sure he is happy and excited while driving down there and I am sure I'll see him again in the future, either visiting him or he visiting ME! ;) (ok, visiting the rest of the people too).

And this is what this page is for, a dear/brother/close friend named Eddie H. Frye, ok Eddie, I know you will be reading this, so make sure your head is not already flying on the ceiling. :P

With Love... Johnny

Thinking Eddie...

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