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Do I have friends? Yes and a lot, other than friends related to the Chinese Community, the Martial Arts Community, I also have met tons of people from IRC, from America Online, from Cleveland Freenet, from other friends or from the clubs. Some became good friends, some are still acquaintances, others close friends. Below are a few of them that have changed my life (those others who have changed my life are located at the travel section) from one way to the other, they were part of me that I will cherish and remember... Johnny Wu knows everyone....

Some of these pictures take you to their webpages!
If you want to be included into the portfolio, drop me an email! ;)

Life's been good tome, and I've been fortunate to be blessed with good fortune and
great love, even a few months after being single, I'm not back in dating someone special...

Here's Raymond, my current bunny, we have been dating since June 22, 2001 and the only thing I can say of him is that he is the sweetest person I've ever dated and I hope things will work out for us in the long run. ;) Oh! Believe it or not, he's more popular than I, he got more friends and stuff... hehe, you can find him all over as lips21, make sure to say hi. :)

This is Greg P., my photographer. I've known him over 7 years, and most of the time, we chatted at the Grid. I've witnessed all the things he'd done and met those he had dated, and yet, I never knew him as the way I did for 3 years... Since May 1998, I got to know him deeper than a social friend. I've learned so much from hanging out with him, he is such a great singer and wonderful music composer, his work has been sang by a locally known band and his love for cinematography and photography has shown by the work he'd done. Greg has surprised me a lot through the time we spent together and he has inspired me in things I've never done in my life.. Like Karaoking, Video Editing, and most of all, he taught me the beauty of inner-self and the artistic creation one can produce. In one way, I look up on him for the person he is and am glad to be a friend to him! We joined our resources and created a dream in 1998, a partnership that can get our creativity out to showcase - Media Design Imaging! On Jan 24, 2001, some unspoken pain surfaced and made us break apart. We parted our ways, which means there will no longer to have a road to walk together, it's unfortunate. We still keep in contact and wishing the best for each other. I hope he finds what he wants and be successful no matter what venture he gets himself into...
Just right after his workout, I took this picture LONG ago. This is Claudio, my 1st boyfriend for 2 years, right now living in Panama.He's doing well, we still chat online and with webcam watching each other grow, boy, he got old quickly! ;P

Eduardo (right) with Adam (go down more for an updated picture of Adam) taken before we went out to U4ia. Eduardo and I dated for 4 years, now he is in Pittsburgh dating Dino (I think). Our life together was fun then and he did went through a lot with me.

Aaron. I must say that he had made a big impact in my life... It is very hard for me to digest all the things I've experience, but now things changed and I wish him success, everytime I see him, it brings back such a lovely memory. Aaron is a sweetheart even though it doesn't seem so. And yes, Wushuboy was a nick he gave it to me that I am known for.

Rob, an Recording Engineer, my 4th boyfriend. We had a very intense but short time together, and it was fun while lasted. We still talk and hang out once in a while, he's the Queen! And of course, he is dating a cool Asian dude. (He just can't stay away from the Asian flavor). Rob is a wonderful guy, I remembered meeting him with Boman during a last minute music concert, then my car broke down and later we ended up at the Grid dancing... About 2 weeks later, we dated. This picture above was taken long ago, now he is living in Columbus.
Aaron, a very accomplish pianist. I think he is a cute boy. I enjoyed talking with him when we hang out. I also had fun when he was my roommate for 8 months. He is now self-enployed and back in Columbus.
NYC in 1994... Look at Eddie's hair!!!!! :) Next to him it's Michael, a workaholic still his bf till now. Eddie is my best/close friend I ever had He moved in with Mike on March 28, 1998 to Orlando, FL and now living together still in MN with Dennis, the 3rd cutie boi! Congratulations to both and wish you three a long time together! *love* And Eddie, I will always be there for you! *sob* We still talk once in a while over phone or email, keeping us in touch. :)

Daniel didi.. He is my little brother but MIA :(. He lives in San Francisco. Check his homepage, it's nice but dated. Currently MIA... Hey Didi, email me sometimes! :)

Boman, my roommate from 1996-1997. We had a lot of fun then and still now, at times, he would call me while drunk to talk. hehe. He moved to San Francisco on May 24th, 1997. So, I'll have a place to crash. He is doing well over there

David was my roommate after Boman, we used to hang out a lot and do a lot of things together. He is very fun and sweet and nice and cute too. David is another MIA person, I think still dating the same guy.

There's a few people from the club The Grid that have changed my attitude in life and the gay scene.. Including Uncle Kenny, Kenny Lite and Mike (my current landlords), Danny and a few others. They helped me come out, helped me to adjust between the breakups, and were there to lend me a hand when I needed it. I miss you guys. And to Uncle Kenny, thanks for the sweet words you said to me on March 21st, I know it is from your heart even some thinks that you were trying to get more tips from me. ;)
Call him whatever name you want, but Frank has been a friend for years, he was there listening to me and visited me a few times. You can always find him online as Artorious. He's available and looking for a twink. ;) He was my MDI's Webmaster!

It is scary to know that many of my friends stayed around me for ages, one is David, boy, I felt like we grew old together or something.. NOT! David has been there and helped me a few times in my events I organized. Now we hardly talk due to my heavy workload...

Michael (MT) , I have known him for over 7 years now, used to have a crush on him. :P He knows I won't go more than just being a friend. He is very nice, and cute! He is now back in Cleveland and with his soulmate Buzza.

During a short wedding visit to Panama years ago, while being stucked there due to some problems, I met Ronald, in a very interesting way: Saw him at McDonald in Panama and he followed me to a bookstor.. Then the next day, we just ran into each other again and so we started talking. He kept me company for a week and we had a great time... It was like love at first sight... I will never forget him... I hope to get in touch with him in the near future.

This is Bish, a cutie that plays pool with me at The Grid. Good dancer too! Now dating and doing well, he came back for a short visit and still good at pool, just not as good as I am. j/k :P

Mathew (MAFFU or Mathu on chat rooms), the organizer for Olive Garden getogether long ago. ;) Now he organizes a weekly Volleyball game. He is fun to be around and many people on our channel loves him. He is nice and sweet and still shy, get him out more often and losen him up! Matt has been way losen up already! Btw, he is the official Johnny Wu's House of Pancakes Party Planner ;) hehe

Bob, an OLD friend that I've known for ages like David G. We used to hang out a lot until he became a travel queen. Good thing is that recently we are doing things again, like brunch, movie, etc... So, afterall, this travel queen still got a life outside work! (He doesn't do clubs anymore, so if you are interested in him, look for him online!) Now living south of Cleveland and I haven't been to his place YET...

Chris! (Bambi- on IRC), why is he linked? well, find out more by clicking at him! :) I like him a lot and he made my dream come true by visiting me, Thanks! He's someone I will remember for long to come. He is moving to FL as he got promoted, congratulations!
This is Michael B. from DC, a nice and sweet fellow, he is such a humanitarian boy! Designed and worked with Oracles Ain't he a cutie? :) Mike, thank you for the great time while visiting you, I miss you much! I believed he is traveling around the world making his dream a reality! I hope to hear from you soon Mike!

This is Kevin, what an asian friend in San Francisco! ;) N0sferatu on IRC, check him out and say HI! (Kevin, make sure this time you will take sometime to meet me when I am visiting San Francisco again!) :)

Greg-ko boy from SF, met him long time ago on IRC, originally from Indiana, was going to be a stripper for the club my friend was going to open: ProtoType. ;) He visited me a few times already in Cleveland, nice fellow :) Currently MIA

The XY Boys.. Ok, me and Patrick (left) He was featured with a cool article on the XY Magazine (issue number 12). Recently he asked me to take a few pictures of himself (if you can click his picture and get there, then it's up!) Patrick now lives close to me and we still hang out and chat a lot, more NEW pictures will be available soon!
D'Angelo is the 'princess' of our friends, very funny and nice guy, you can spot him at the clubs all the time. :P D'Angelo wanted to be snapped an opportunity photoshoot with me while I'm eating the watermelon, I LOVE watermelon!
This little kittie from Toronto, Canada, he loves Chinese culture and planned to go to Taiwan for furthering his studies, he was featured as #GAM of the month for being a cutie and a friend of GAMs. :) Pete is CatNMaus on IRC and he is a very sweet cat. ;) Now, another MIA. ;(

This is the gang that went to SF again on June 24-28, 1998 for the Gay Pride, more pictures will be available on the travel section. ;) From your left to right, Joe, me, Mike and Mark (Mark is MDI's Houseboy #2 he's very cute and a really really nice guy, someday I'll put out for ya) :P The person taking the pictures is David.. You will see more of him again at Travel section!

This is Joey, he always seem shy around me... hehe.. Chat with him if you see him online, he's JoeyONE. He is soo adorable when he is drunk. :P Okay, we recently hang out and I gotta change this picture when he sends me the new one...

Hunter... a friend I had a crush on one time before he moved to San Francisco over long years ago. He was dancing at Numbers and I asked D'Angelo to get him a drink, I was dating Eduardo that time.. Then I placed an ad at Plain Dealer with words from the t-shirt he was wearing hoping that he would read it and knows it was for him... But he called the day before and since then we became good friend. He is also my Psychic and I've been visiting him everytime I go to San Francisco and he's always nice enough to give me a space to crash... Of course, Hunter, you can always stay here at my place!

Mr. Dancer boy, he CLAIMS that he is a top... He and I had a bet of whoever wins at table pool will have to top the other, so far, it's not yet a reality but it might change soon. We haven't chatted for ages

Scott, one of the first people I met in Cleveland like back in like wow... Almost 10 years now. I remembered meeting him via my bf then, bf was using Bill N Bob BBS (remember those days?) and he was asking my bf (Eduardo) about how hung he was and he wanted to 'hang out' with him. His nickname then online was Virginboy... And he was 19! hehe... Anyway, we met and VirginBoy becomes a joke among us. He has been a good friend that hangs out at the Club and like in 4 years ago, we bonded more and he assited me in my media business and we still play UT (Unreal Tournament) once in a while. This kid is soo busy that it's hard to get a time with him! You should see him online as Snotchboy now. :)

This is Sam, he is a very talented young man, I met him through my roommate Aaron, he has a lot of talk about and has a lot of interesting look in life. At the sametime, a great graphic designer, check out his artwork here. You can always drop him an email at
Here's Adam, the same Adam that used to hang out with me and Eduardo like almost 10 years ago. We hang out a lot then and I was the one who showed him a few about the 'gay scene' in Cleveland back then... He's now 23 years old living in Phoenix, AZ with his bf. Click at his picture to go this his site and see more cutie pictures of him. :)

Here's Mark and his little cuttie friend Aryk, both are sweet and nice and are the ones who 'corrupted me' :) I still remember the day I first saw Mark at the Grid, it was like.. Umm. many many years ago (while I was still with Eduardo), when Mark walked in the basement bar of the 1st Grid wearing all punkish... I was like WOW.... This is new!

This is Gerson, a latino that I've known for what, 2 years now? Well, I know a lot of people, and he's a nice guy, great smile and ok, cute too (like everyone here), he hangs out a lot at the club Bounce but watch, when Grid is open, he'll be there every night dancing his butt off and taking his shirt off! :) He's single and you can email him at: Gerson, where is my CDs???
I have no idea when and where was this taken but Tater (a world clasical pianist) is a cool Asian dude, in fact, probably THE ONLY Asian guy I hang out with. There were a rumor at the Grid spread many other Asian guys, they said, like over 5 years ago, I don't like Asian people so I usually hang out with non-Asians.... NOT! I am just SHY... So, see, now there is Tater, they can't say a thing anymore.
Mark... (taken during an old trip we made to SF) Or Gaven online, been a friend since before I dated Rob (see above)... He's nice guy, funny and intersting at least to say, there's TONS of pictures of him at the travel section of this website, but since he's bitched a lot about not being on this page, here he is! :P  
My friends are my treasure, to feel their love and kindness that molds the road I walk, their advices guide me through the worst, their criticism helps build the foundation of whom I became. Without the need to expect anything from them, I learned to grow fonder to their friendship, at some I even fallen in love with but life is a gamble that one has to take, and I choose the road where I believe it will lead to my success.

Wishing you all the best of your life and hope you stand up for what you want.
Anything is possible if you put your mind into it!


My favorite places to go and to check out... This is where I spend most of my time after working...

- my new business... Media Design Imaging
Bimbo Boy A talented singer from Sweden, he has a very unique style and I think you would like it, check out his site!
- The official Pet Shop Boys' Site!!!!!
Gay Martial Arts Link - Cool site of martial artists that happens to be gay. ;)
- Another of my favorite group
- Yet, another of my favorite group...
- Viva Panama! (many beautiful scenaries... I will be back home soon!)
Asian Community Page - cool page with chat rooms!
check this out, beautiful artwork! My friend from Den Bosch is good!
The Graphik Factory- Kenn and Mike's Business Page, my cool friends!
- Cool sites with cool t-shirt design, get them before they are out! ;)
The Undergear Catalog - where I spend most of my money
International Male Catalog - where I spend most of my other money
IRC's #GAM Homepage - place I hang out most of the time on IRC, a lot of HOT guys!
Jubei - The Ninja Scroll Website - one of my favorite Anime
STOMP! - if you missed their show, check out their website!
Central Engineering - I designed this page entirely, check it out! ;)
OhMi Internet Technology - My friends' business page (Steve & Mike of Toledo)
The Third Coast Magazine - My Friend Steve & Mike of OhMi created this online magazine. :)
Gay Wired - A lovely gay related site
Asians and Friends of Cleveland - A local group, pretty cool website!
Instinct Magazine - A new magazine, I would recomend it highly!
Bretz - a club in Toledo, Steve and Mike works there...
Planet Out - I like this page a lot, chat with others! ;) Many resources
Steven Underhill's website - cool models! ;)
XY Magazine - I enjoy reading their magazine! Check it out!
Hero Magazine - This new magazine is not bad, check it out!
Gay San Francisco!!!!! - of course! ;) Can't stop loving it!

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