Stand and Model....

Modeling is fun, with the right photographer, everything can look great.

Thanks to Greg, he made me look good on these...

this sucks... ;P

Ain't this cute? :) Eddie, my best/close friend, he has been there for my good and bad times for many years, never complained of me, but rather listened to my stories and adviced me many times!

Hey sexy, i'm available, how about you???? Wanna party with me tonight? (that's Jae on vinyl)

Eddie went with me to the OCAGC Pot Luck Dinner at Leo and Jenni Hwang's house, and that's the front entrance, gosh, we were amazed of the beauty and design of this place... Not to mention, the way expensive furnitures...


The Angels at the Grid!!!! September 21, 1997 (from left to right, Jae, Eddie, me and Dave)

This is Eduardo taken during our trip to Washington, DC outside the Panamanian Embassy. Ed and I were together for 4 years, and we broke apart and went separately, he is now studying and working in Pittsburgh with his lover Dino.


me, David and Cosmo, night of Nov 24, 1997

*yawn* I'm getting sleepy... Yeah, me too! (this was taken right after we came back from San Francisco on Nov 24, 1997)

Jae's new picture! Taken on Dec 13 before partying!!!!

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