The OCAGC Moon Festival Celebration

On September 26th, 1997, I organized 2 events for that day, one at John Carroll University for the Diversity Gala, we performed martial arts and lion dance, given a great 30 minutes show at 2pm.

At 6pm, over at Hunan Gourmet on Euclid Avenue, a few of us went to coordinate/help the OCAGC's (Organization of Chinese Americans of Greater Cleveland) Moon Festival Celebration, it was one of the most unconventional event I've organized for the Chinese Community here in Cleveland, we had these queerboys helping: Eddie Frye, Eric Vaessen, David Bohm, James Schneider, Eric Brouman, and of course, moi. We thought everyone will not enjoy it, but since then, we have been hearing great reviews, no complains (other than the Chinese Buffett line was too long... but the food was great!), it was the best Chinese Moon Festival Celebration event ever held in Cleveland for the past 20 years!

We had Comedy, Magic Show, Martial Arts, and then David Bohm and I DJed a bit.. Below you will see some of the pictures taken.

For December 6, 1997, OCAGC is hosting the 1997 Christmas Gala, where again, the Wu Gang will be doing work, and this time is at Holiday Inn Lakeside City Center at 1111 Lakesite Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. This is my LAST event I'm organizing for Cleveland, and I'll be taking turn DJing with David. (btw, he's been DJing on Wednesdays at the Grid from 7pm to 9pm and I'm his SIDEKICK) :) The event cost $35 in advance and $40 at the door, door prizes is available too.


So, if you have NOTHING to do on that night, please join us for dancing and stuff. :)


David Bohm DJing, he was soooo shy then. :) but NOT anymore. *wink*

The 'Entertainer's table, with David Valent (left) and his father and mother, David is a cool comedian, perhaps the youngest one in Ohio. Then there's Mike Wozniak and Eddie Frye... Mike is leaving us to go to Florida. *sob* Good luck Mike!

Eric Brouman, the cool magician and a good friend of mine.. Performing and entertaiing everyone, we had a blast!
The aftermatch... I changed and Ray (white shirt with tie) announcing to all about dance afterward.. So, we were readied for that! *snap*

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