Panama City, Panama

I used to live in Panama from 1979 till 1987, did my high school and college there and honestly, I loved it! Hot, humid, nice, and all the mens I've seen are tanned and nice looking, had a crush on a few of my classmates... One thing I can't stand it, is to be always recognized as son of my parents and any achievement I do is because of them... So, I left to make a life for myself here in Cleveland. One day, I would like to return back to Panama with my partner and enjoy a nice white sand beach and the weather... Recently I got a letter from my dad, he is very ill so I ask you all to pray for his health. For now, I can just hope all works out cause I can't go back or my mom and step-dad will wanna me to be straight and marry a girl... Otherwise, I'll wait till they acepts me for whom I am, then I will return back (that's right, they are all there right now)...


Here's a few pictures, if you like it go check it out more at


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