Finally I did it!!!! After 3 years of thinking on traveling to San Francisco, I actually did it, although the person who started this 'going' trip wasn't with us, but we had fun and here's the proof! Now, we are heading back to SF again from November 20-24, this time, David Bohm, Mark Pittenger, Eddie Frye, and myself will have more fun, visiting our beloved Hunter Douglas, my little brother Daniel, and my hopeful man Mikie... Of course, and the rest of the city! Hopefully a certain person can join us as well, but can't force him do things he wouldn't wanna do. Although I can just wish. ;P

  These pictures were taken from the airplane on route to San Francisco. Eddie saw these beautiful scenaries and he just can't stop his eagerness and shot these...
Can u see? Can u see it? that's Alcatraz!!!!!!
This is a very nice shot I took while driving to the Golden Gate Park, I was going to give my student Nik Palmer his 2 hours martial arts training but we somehow worked out for 4 hours! ;)
San Francisco's Chinatown, the Arch!
(left) Eddie and Mark next to the Stone Lion. (right) It's me and Mark. ;)

Hunter relaxing before clubbing!
How about this queer shot? :) (Club Universe Pre-Party, we were all drunk with Martinis and others... *hic*
Action 2!


Why are they here? Simple, we went to the mall and Mark and Eddie like this guy so, Mark flirted a lot of time with him and finally took this picture... Now we have to figure his name... Joe? David? Jim? Pick one!

My student Nik doing a stance in front of a government building.. heh he, cool!
Lion Dance performance...

This is the view of San Francisco! Like it? :)

We will be in San Francisco again from November 20th to 24th, this time, we got Eddie, Dave, Mark and I visiting and getting ourselves crazy there... It's also a chance for me and Eddie to start looking around and do our homework before the move. Of course, we are always welcoming you to join our little trip. :)

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