San Francisco, Part II

Nov 20-24, 1997

On November 20, Mark Pittenger, Eddie Frye and myself left Cleveland and ventured for the 2nd time to San Francisco, David Bohm was supposed to join our small trip but due to the past away of his father, he had to stay. Now, in the middle of February 1998, me, David and possible Uncle Kenny will be flying to San Francisco and Los Angeles for another weekend of fun. If you wanna join us, let me know!

During our trip there, we actually got a chance to tour the city in a much slower pace, didn't have to rush around. We got to actually appreciate the weather, the people, the scenary and the ocean. I felt peaceful being there. The city's atmosphere brings me tranquility and I think that's the place I will end up living soon...

We met many people, most of them from #GAYSF of IRC, we hang out, eat, shopping, danced. It was great! Got to hang out almost everynight with Daniel Didi, my little brother, and with Mike (Cougarboy).

How's San Francisco men? Wonderful, somehow there's TONS of cute men for my eyes.. I couldn't keep it off them! :) And of course, tons of cute Asian men. Gladly, I didn't feel far out of the cute group so I think I have no competition. :P

Here's a few of pictures taken during this trip, note, it's A LOT OF IT! ;) Enjoy!

Hotel Capri...

Hotel Capri is where we first checked in, that night, we had a problem with the toilet (it got flooded due to low water pressure), and it happened again next day, we ask for discount or change of room and was denied, they said it was our fault, so we checked out on Saturday morning...

Dune Beach- Nov 21, 1997

Restaurant Chachacha & Club The Cafe - Night of November 21, 1997

The gang! From left to right: Mark, Mike, Greg, Eddie, Johnny and Daniel

My little brother (back) and I, ain't he a cutie? We were dead tired after dancing at The Cafe. I was barely awake!

Zzzzzzzz.... Mark can't stay up.. Breakfast after The Cafe...

Alcatraz - Nov 22, 1997

The sign said: Warning! Persons procuring or cocealing escape of prisoners are subject to prosecution and imprisonment.

Let me out!!!! Cries our unsang hero... ;) That's Mark

This is the old guard house...

The old bathroom... Where the actions were...

The Goodbye... November 23, 1997

The 2nd hotel we stayed at: Metro Hotel, it is like about 10 blocks away from Castro Street (the center of gay stores). Daniel stayed there till we went out to The Cafe for our lastnight dance. Hunter joined us this time. :)

(Left to right: Johnny, Eddie, Daniel, and Mark)

More pictures available soon!

I will be in San Francisco again on June 25-29 for the Gay Pride with Dave, Joe, Chris, Michael Tomlin and Mark!
(And probably Mark P., Kurt will join us there too!)

Our other trips include Orlando, Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle, and Las Vegas (in March)!

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