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1997 has been a wonderful year for me, travelled a lot, met a lots of new friends, the only thing that didn't work well was my personal relationship with my last boyfriend, but it can be said it was an experience I wouldn't want to forget, just a slight memory and a small part of me living in my mind and will not mind doing it again... :P I've made many trips, to Chicago, to San Francisco, to DC, to Baltimore, to Atlantic City, to Columbus, Ohio, to Toledo, Ohio and many other places. You will see a lots of pictures here, if you get bored, just shut if off! :)


San Francisco (June 20-23, 1997)

Chicago (1997)

Baltimore (1997)

Pittsburgh (1997)

San Francisco (Nov 20-24, 1997)




Dover Lake (1997)

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December 6, 1997
Joy filled within me for I have many friends
knowing that they loves me as I love them
knowing that whenever I need them, they will be there for me,
knowing that I'll always there for them as well,
Friends like Eddie, Aaron, David, Rob, Eric, Daniel, Kennies', Michaels', Shan, Mark, Jae, Jay, and others, has shaped and been part of my life,
keeping them in my memory as I will remember them forever!
And even apart we will be, I will always readied to give a hang to them!

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