Wu Jia Quan Shu

The Art of Wu Family Fists

Wu family is of 3100 years old, they worked closely to protects the land and the people against bandits and robbers. From Jiangsu province, Wu Jing Town is where the family rooted their home.

Wu styles' qigong, hand form and sword play derives from Wu Ji-Zhe of Wu Kingdom 2800 years ago (about 400-500BC). It had been practiced by Wu families passing through one generation to the other, it has been well kept and only be taught from father to son.

The Dragon is the symbol of the our family, it represents wisdom, speed, strengths, power, and money: The Yang. The Pheonix represents the peace, the graceness, the silence, the observation, the preciseness, and the manuever: The Yin.

Wu Martial Arts hand form are trained in three phases, first is the internal exercises, next the external techniques and speed, and finally the combat aspect that includes weapons.

The philosophy behind our technique is to use soft against hard and hard against soft. Mind and body as one and bring peace and love to overcome
your enemy. When it is time to fight, the mind and body will act accordingly and well balanced to knock the enemy down. Emphasis in Qi control is the major issue, all Wu family should understand and develop self-Qi control and the understanding of sinking Qi power to the root. The Wu must be able to control your opponent within the shortest time possible. The style is practiced among the family's servants and used widely for combat. The technique are short and deadly (linear), includes locking, grappling, pulling, punching, striking, palm and finger strikes, pushing, circling, slapping and others.

"In one's daily activities, practitioner of Wu Jia Quan Fa (The techniques of Wu Family) should never use their knowledge to harm fellowman, it can be ONLY use to protect and kill people who deserves to die." In the present time, the style should be kept to oneself unless it has been told to pass it down. The training should involve long practice of the Five Element Qigong, Five Element Heavy Hand Qigong and the Standing Breathing Exercise. Proceeded with basic stances, basic kicking and hand techniques and to basic/drilling techiniques, Intermediate (combination techniques) and to the Dragon/Phoenix Style (the form of inner self/feeling).

There's no chain movement, each Wu style techniques are simple. Only requirement is to protect the 4 points of the body: From shoulder to shoulder down to the knees, forming a rectangular shape. Each technique is exercised with minimum movement. The smaller the movement, the quicker you can protect yourself. One can have many different ways or technique to archive the same result. Using the 5 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Gold, Wood. Each practitioner would combined these elements to produce a maximum result of deadly movement. Hand forms should be soft like water but hard like gold.

The practice and learning of Lion and Dragon dances are NOT a requirement, other than for sportmanship uses, there is no emphasis. Understanding the system is the main focus of the style, the more you can understand and the more you can absorb to work within your needs, the better your skill becomes. Other training including throwing, acupresure, medicine are needed.. If not, common knowledge of usage should be applied.

Weapons training are simple, the Da-Dao (Broadsword) or the Jian (straightsword) are the most widely used. For Da-Dao, the movements are simply divided into slice, cut, chop, push, grab, thrust, pull, etc. For Jian, it combine a total of 25 basic movements. The Spare is one of the most common used long range weapon. The principal in weapon manueval is that it must feel right in your hand. When you hold the sword, it became part of your arm. For spares, it will be a net to catch the fish. When one have mastered the whole style, the trainee will start learning strategy fights, using formations and groups as shield. And any other practices, such as archery, horse riding, etc.

At the end, the learner becomes teacher and teaches his son with what he have learned. It is not permitted to teach someone who isn't part of the family. Otherwise, this person has to carry a chinese name once he becomes part of the group.

The student must remember:

- Peace is more important than war.
- Strategies are better than fights.
- Nature is prettier than one self.
You must win your enemy's heart before you attacks him.
You must be in peace with the nature.
You must feel the essence of the nature when you practice.
You must feel the essence of your war when you fight.
You must kill before be killed.
You must observe before you strike.
You must study before you observe.

You aren't allow to fight with the technique for fun.
You are not allowed to play with the technique.
You are not allowed to teach other of the same family unless
being told so.
You are not allowed to teach others unless being told so.
You should never ashamed your family!
You never back down cowardly from a fight, you may retreat but
with dignity.
You never harm others before you harm yourself.
You never betray your family nor those who taught you.
You never gossip or bad mouth other's technique.
You should always practice.
You should always be ready for the call of the Dragon.
You should always learn.
You must always be creative and alert.

Use your wisdom wisely.
And be the Dragon as the dragon comes to you.
Feel the anger of the Dragon,
Feel the wisdom of the Dragon,
Feel the anxiety of the Dragon,
And act as one pure red Dragon,
To come and guide those needed.

Be precise as the Phoenix
Be graceful like the Phoenix
Be fast as the flying Phoenix
Be fire as the explotion of the Phoenix

May the heart of the Dragon feel into you as warm light guiding your path.

May the Dragon's warmth be within your heart till the dead.

May the Phoenix shine through your path, bringing you wisdom
to protect the goods and destroy the bads.

Practice martial art of the ancient and current time
make the art to be part of your daily life
make the art to be part of your soul, open your eyes to learn,
and open your soul to absorb

Once it is in you, it is your skill to carry forever, like the
grace of the phoenix and the wisdom of the dragon who will never
perish away from you

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